LIFE Groups at 9:45 AM on Sunday

Seekers LIFE Group

Facilitated by Peggy Arnold

Have you ever wondered what the Holy Spirit was up to in the Old Testament? On January 7, the Seekers LIFE Group will begin a study of Jeremiah and Daniel. Please contact Peggy Arnold at for more information.



Facilitated by Bob Kamauff, Deb Vautier, Jo-Ann Harper

The International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL)/Uniform Series is a 6-year plan for reading and studying the entire Bible. Designed to take students into every part of Scripture, the Uniform Series pulls at least one lesson from nearly every book of the Bible over the 6-year cycle, following 8 specific themes. This more holistic study of the Bible helps students know the content of the Bible, understand the message of the Bible, and know the God of the Bible. Please contact Bob at, Deb at or Jo-Ann at


Virtually In-Person

Facilitated by Rob Wolford

We live life in a virtual world at times.  Hopefully some of that time is spent reading the Bible on your electronic device or computer. 

The goal of our LIFE Group, Virtually in-Person, is to bring the thoughts you gain from the electronic Bible from Life Church to other electronic geeks.  There are hundreds of reading plans on  Join us and come out of the virtual world each Sunday morning during LIFE Groups and Share.

Class requirements:  From your any device, you can download the YouVersion Bible app by clicking here.


Discovery Group

Facilitated by Dave & Sandy Rieke

This is an ongoing class that has existed at Ocoee Oaks for many years. The purpose is simple: to bring class participants closer to Jesus Christ through open discussion with each other, prompted by a loosely structured Bible study. Study topics are usually based on rigorous direct Bible study supported by commentaries and member interaction, but may also include books and materials related to Bible time and places. Most important is the fellowship and sharing with other Christians. It is not unusual for discussion to move entirely to a recent sermon topic or feelings on the heart of a class member. Please contact Dave at or Sandy at for more information.


Colleen Healy

This Bible study group will be focusing on taking a deeper look at the topics raised in the sermon. For more information, you may reach Colleen at ***CURRENTLY ON SUMMER HIATUS. WILL RESUME IN AUGUST.


For information about LIFE Transformation Groups, click here.