LIFE Groups at Ocoee Oaks

The Church Council voted last week to change the times for Sunday morning services. Beginning Sunday, September 10, 2017 our Sunday morning schedule will be as follows:

8:30-9:30 Traditional Worship

9:45-10:45 LIFE Groups

11:00-12:15 Contemporary Worship

While this change in Sunday morning schedule will no doubt be an adjustment for our church, I am excited about the possibilities that present themselves for increasing our ability to make disciples on Sunday morning. In order to begin the process of developing leadership and organizing small groups, we will have an organizational meeting on Sunday, August 13 at 2:00. Everyone is invited to this meeting; however, if you are considering leading a small group, this meeting is required. At this meeting, we will address issues such as the number of leaders we will need, leader qualifications and commitment, meeting locations, types of small groups, and small group leadership covenant, etc. I will also be discussing the structure of our discipleship program and how small groups fit into our disciple-making mission.

For the time being, I will serve as coordinator of our small group ministries, but I will want to hand this responsibility to a volunteer coordinator as soon as possible. I will be actively looking for, and developing, a volunteer Coordinator for Adult Discipleship who will assume this role as soon as possible.

On September 10 at 9:45, we will begin having LIFE Groups. The intention of LIFE Groups is to give life to all those who attend the groups, and to our church (see John 10:10). LIFE is an acronym that stands for

  • Love God
  • Investigate our Faith
  • Fellowship with Believers
  • Engage our Community

All our small groups will have elements of each of these areas, though some areas may be emphasized more than others. For instance, each LIFE group is expected to engage in service to the community as an act of love for our neighbor; however, that LIFE group’s primary purpose may be Bible study. The overarching purpose of LIFE groups is to make disciples. The primary goal for all LIFE Groups is the transformation of every participant into the likeness of Christ.

LIFE Groups may meet at any time, but I am excited that everyone will have the opportunity to meet on Sunday beginning in September.

 Everyone is invited to the organizational meeting next Sunday, August 13 at 2:00, but if you want to lead a LIFE Group, your attendance is required. If you want to lead a LIFE Group, but are unable to attend the organizational meeting, please let me know as soon as possible, so that we can schedule an alternate time to meet.