Devotional for August 14, 2017

Psalm 28:1 Blessed be the Lord, Because He has heard the voice of my supplication.

David is in distress and desires that God will hear his prayer. David’s concern is that God will distinguish him from those who do not honor Him. David points to several pieces of evidence that distinguish him from those who do not honor God: praising God in worship, dealing honestly with neighbors, and living a life consistent with God’s work in the world, and God’s justice and mercy. It is interesting that the theme of loving God, loving neighbor, and obedience show up in this psalm. This is a recurrent theme throughout Scripture.

Consistent with the sermon on Sunday, David is calling out to God to save him. The idea that God does not hear our prayers leaves us in no better position than those who do not love God and neighbor. But David is confident that God has heard his cry for mercy. God’s mercy is ultimately demonstrated in the person Jesus Christ. Our hope for mercy comes through the grace of God in Jesus. And because of the work of God in Christ we can have even more confidence that God hears our prayers. We have Jesus who intercedes with God on our behalf.

Today we can call out to God with the confidence that He hears us and is working for our good.

Lord, I thank you that you hear me. I thank You that you are a merciful God who delivers me, a strong God who protects me, and a wise God who guides me.