Scripture and the Life of God


What is the Bible all about? Is it relevant? Is it really God's word? What about all those contradictions? If you've ever asked any of these questions, this book and discussion is for you.

If we are going to live life the way God has designed and destined us to live it, then we must know what that life looks like. We have to have a target. After all, not every life can be described as reflecting the character of Christ. In fact, there are only varying degrees of Christlikeness. Christ-followers won't be fully transformed until Christ comes back to take us to our eternal home.

In the mean time, God has provided us with everything we need to align our lives with His purposes here on earth. God has done this, first and foremost, through the Bible, through Christian Scripture. Engagement with Scripture is as indispensable to the Christian life as water is for biological life.

Watson adopts Castello & Wall's definition of the Bible as Scripture: the Bible signals a way of thinking theologically about the Bible as God's word for God's people, one that supplies theological goods that fund spiritual wisdom and provide moral direction ( p. 7).That's a fancy way of saying If we want to live a truly Christian life, we can't do it without the Bible.

This book discussion is designed to help participants get a firmer grasp of what the Bible is and how to engage with it, so that it can lead each of us fully into the life God wants for all humanity in Christ.

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The study kicks off on January 3, 2018 at 6:00 with a potluck dinner. The study will begin at 6:30 on subsequent weeks.