Pastor's Blog October 12, 2017


I have two items I want to update you on this week.

First, thanks to everyone who has joined a LIFE Group. Last Sunday morning, we had 60 people participating in LIFE Groups. That's represents about one third of our Sunday morning worship attendance. I am absolutely thrilled with this level of participation after only two weeks of reviving this discipleship effort.

If you have not yet joined a LIFE Group I want to strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible. LIFE Groups are a key element in our discipleship process at Ocoee Oaks. For as long as there have been Methodists, small group participation has been a defining characteristic of who we are.  For more information on LIFE Groups, in general, please click here. For more information on specific LIFE Groups, please click here.

Second, I want everyone to be aware of where we are in the Worship Leader job search. We have had several viable candidates apply for the positions. We advertised a position for each service with the option of being considered for both positions. With one exception, all applicants indicated they would like to be considered for both positions. We anticipate that by Friday, October 13 the first and second round of interviews will be complete. In the very near future we anticipate inviting a candidate to lead us in worship on a Sunday. Please continue to pray for John Bean, Winnie Yates, Kim MacAllister, and Marvin Williams in your prayers as we discern the individual whom God has prepared to lead Ocoee Oaks in worhsip.

By God's Grace; For God's Glory